Cannot add another domain

I already contacted support through email, but I get only pre-written texts from them, not a solution.
When I try to add another domain to my account, I get the message:
Sorry, you are not allowed to create new zones. Please contact support.

Could anyone help me ? Is there a number of domains limit per account ? I have only 10 domains on the free account.



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Make sure you reply to that auto message to let them know there’s still a problem. Then a human can check your account and then most likely bump up the number of zones you can have.

Please post that ticket number here so the mods can check on it.

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Hi @rparente, I noticed your tickets and 2088027 is the still pending ticket, can you respond to that ticket and indicate you need more assistance to keep it open? I don’t know how the team assisted earlier but I’ve cc’d myself on the ticket to keep track of progress.

Hi Cloonan,
Thanks for writing back.
What should I respond and where ?
I got so many bot messages, that I’m confused.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @rparente, I see your reply to ticket 2088027, multiple tickets do get confusing, but that is the ticket to track. There is not a limit on zone you can add to your account, any mix of any plan type should be fine. In this case, I cannot see any details indicating why you’d not be able to add other zones, but the team will be able to assist when then respond to your ticket and I’ll keep an eye out on progress.

Thank you Cloonan,
I replied to the bot message, and let’s wait until they find the problem.
Best regards.

It sounds like the 10-zone limit when I started using Cloudflare. Support bumped it up pretty quickly, though.

Thanks Sdayman
Best regards.

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