Cannot Add an IP Access Rule

I am trying to add an Allow IP Address access rule so that a 3rd party SEO tool called SE Ranking can access my website. I am following the directions provided of going to my Account / Security / WAF / Tools subsection. There is no place to enter an IP address. All I can see in the IP Access Rules section on the page is what appears to be an Rule Entry form that has the following fields: (AP, AP range, country name, or ASN), Action, Zone, Notes, Add button.

The problem is that the first field (AP, AP range, country name, or ASN) ONLY allows a Select… option from which I can ONLY select a country from the provided list. I cannot figure out how to get it to allow me to enter a specific IP address as there is no Text box to enter it into, only a predefined Country select list.

I have tried several different browsers (Safari, Chrome) to see if perhaps the input form just has issues with Safari but I see the same interface in every browser.

How to I simple create an allow access rule for single IP?

Just type the IP address into that box (it will appear in a grey box below, click there when you have entered all of the digits then press “Add”).

Thank you. I am now able to enter the IP addresses and create the rules.

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