Cannot add an IDN domain

Hello! I cannot add a website with a domain name времякарьеры.рф and even punycode version времякарьеры.рф. It shows me an error “Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of времякарьеры.рф at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later.” although when I add a domain on the same server, but in latin characters (, for example), it works fine.
Help me, please!

The punycode version is xn--80adjbxl0aeb4ii6a.xn--p1ai, not времякарьеры.рф; give that a try. If that still doesn’t work, it’s most likely related to the TLD rather than the fact that it’s an IDN.

The same issue with our domains овощи-склад.рф and мясо-купить.рф , it’s begun from previous monday. I have tried enter every day in puny and plain text, error repeats everytime.

It’s autoreplace, I wrote right punycode version, it doesn’t help.
In lookup service domain have incorrect TLD, but in Cloudflare it’s available to add.

For example, also doesn’t have a valid TLD, according to, but I don’t reckon, that it’s the problem.

That’s not saying the TLD is invalid, just that it’s not supported by that particular lookup service. (You’d think ICANN would be able to perform a WHOIS lookup on ru, but I guess not.)

As for рф, are you able to open a support ticket? If it doesn’t even work with punycode, it’s probably a bug on Cloudflare’s end.

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