Cannot add a TXT record - error dns_records(403)


I am setting up a company email address through gmail and I am trying to set up the TXT record for verification but I keep getting an error which says: API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/zones/2cf0ae8b52f78aa2f28f5cb61def39ed/dns_records (403)

Could you please help me as to why this happening. (Please see the screenshots below)

Thank you

Screen 1 has an improper Name, but it looks like you figured that out for Screen 2. Did you save that Screen 2 TXT record for @?


Yes. As soon as I would click save I would get that error on the bottom of the page, which is confusing me…see again the screenshot below

I’ve figured out the issue. For some weird reason I cannot add records on CloudFlare using the Chrome browser. I have to use another browser to do so.

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