Cannot add A record


Hey guys, Cloudflare will not let me add a A record pointing to this particular IP address:

Whenever I try, I get a message saying “DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004): Content for A record is invalid. Must be a valid IPv4 address (Code: 9005)”. Its pretty clearly a valid IP address, so I`m not really sure what to do. If it makes a difference, it points to a HubSpot server.


That is a Cloudflare IP address, you couldn’t point the A record to a Cloudflare-owned IP. Try using CNAME record as advised at HubSpot:


Yeah, that is how I`ve had it set up for a long time, but just recently, I started getting an Origin DNS error 1016. That seems to be the root of the problem then. It works when I have the orange cloud off, but whenever I turn the orange cloud on for the cname, I get the 1016 error.