Cannot add A record - Record already exists. (Code: 81057)

My website is hosted in I just transferred my domain name registrar to Cloudflare and my site is down. Their support team is saying that I need to add an A record: Host/name: ‘@’, which points to a specific IP address.

However, when I try to do that record, Cloudflare says - Record already exists. (Code: 81057).

I do have A records with the same IP address but none of them have the name ‘@’. Therefore, not sure why it says it already exists.

Any help would be appreciated.

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When you enter a DNS record for your apex name (that’s the one at, you will use @ as the name. Once it is entered, you will find it under the apex name. Don’t look for @. Look for your domain name by itself.


Thank you so much for your response. I had a suspicion that this might be the case but was not sure.

Thank you for confirming.


One more question if I may:

Am I supposed to manually add NS1 and NS2 records pointing to BlueHost? Right now I have this at the bottom of my DNS records page:

Something is still not right as my website has now been down for 55+ hours, since I transferred the domain registrar from BlueHost to Cloudflare

Thank you.

Actually fixed the issue.

This was the answer


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