Cannot add a CNAME

Hello I am trying to add a CNAME but I get this error "An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists. (Code: 81053) ". I can see there is an A record but I don’t know if there will be an error if I delete that. So, how do I solve my problem?

You can’t have an A/AAAA and a CNAME record at the same time - so you’ll need to remove the existing record. Infact, by spec, you can’t have any other record alongside a CNAME on the same subdomain/domain.

It’s impossible to say if it’ll cause any issues if you delete your existing record since we don’t know what you’re hosting on that record, if anything.

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@KianNH Hmmm, I see. Alright, thank you I will do this.

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