Cannot access WordPress website after upgrading from DIY Theme 1 x to DIY Theme 2 x

After updating from DIY Theme 1 x and activating DIY Theme 2 x, everything worked fine for a minute of two. Then my computer screen turned white, displaying the following error messages:

Warning : Illegal string offset ‘class’ in /home/lifesong/public_html/wp-content/themes/thesis/lib/core/skins.php on line 77

Notice : Uninitialized string offset: 0 in /home/lifesong/public_html/wp-content/themes/thesis/lib/core/skins.php on line 77

Can you tell me how DIY Support or WestHost can bypass Cloudflare security to access my website. I gave them the IP address of the server of origin as well as access information to my site through ftp and admin control. Hope you can help. Thank you.

Roger Peterson,

You can go to your Overview tab at Cloudflare and used the Advanced link to “Pause Website.”

This will give direct access to your website without going through Cloudflare.

Thank you, sdayman! It didn’t work, probably because of some workaround thing I did in my desperate attempts to make it work. The wp-config.php file seems to be missing too. I’m consulting with West Host too. It may come down to a complete rebuild, which might not be such a bad thing. I should know by tomorrow. Again, thanks. Create a great weekend!

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Well, wouldn’t you know. Either Chris Pearson from DIY support got through to my website or someone at West Host was able to activate a second WP Theme. Anyhow, now my website is back on line.




Chris Pearson at Thesis support says the following if I want to design my website:

To disable Cloudflare functionality, you’ll need to:

  • Hook up your CF account to the CF Plugin

  • On your CF account page (NOT in your WP Admin), you’ll need to turn off all caching and minification settings.

I tried the “Pause” button on the Overlook page and still got warnings that my website was unsecure. I have Wordfence protecting my website at this time, as well. Is there any conflict here? How can I perform design work on my site with all the warning pages being thrown in the way? To make matters worse, there’s been an increase in attempts to break in to my website recently. Turkey has been the most prominent offender but now they’re coming in from all over the world. Is Chris right in suggesting that I run my CF account through the CF Plugin? If he is, how would I do that? It’s already installed in my Plugin folder. Sorry to bother you so soon.


Roger Peterson

As I look now, your website is properly secured by Cloudflare. I have a handful of Wordpress sites and they all use Wordfence just fine. I also have various theme configurations, all of which run properly. Don’t stress about the attacks from Turkey. Wordfence does a super job of blocking these. At worst, it puts an extra load on your server. Some Cloudflare tweaks can easily put a stop to this…we can get to that later.

I recommend against managing your Cloudflare account through a Plugin. Using the Cloudflare dashboard is more reliable. Don’t delete it yet, but just make sure it’s not Active.

What’s your SSL setting on the Cloudflare Crypto page? It should be Full or Flexible.

What is telling you your website is not secure?


The SSL setting on Cloudflare is set at “Full.”

Wow, my website’s working fine now! Earlier, I did go to “Over View” and shut down the connection between Cloudflare and my site. At that time, I got security warnings, after which, I turned the connection back on. I continued to get security warnings after that and quit trying. That was about a half hour ago. Now, it seems to be working just fine. Go figure!

The Cloudflare Plugin has never been activated. I was never clear on which API Key to enter, the Global API or the Origin CA API and whether or not it would conflict with my account on Cloudflare.

A new question regarding Crypto matters. I already have an SSL certificate protecting my website but what about Origin Certificates – What does Generating a free TLS certificate signed by Cloudflare to install on your origin server provide. I don’t have one now. Is that something I need to be concerned about?

Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it. So many times I feel like I’m inching my way along in the dark.

Roger Peterson

Stick with the TLS certificate already on your server. It will generally auto-renew so you can keep the Full setting here.

That free Origin TLS certificate is more like a “Plan B” for people who don’t currently have certs on their servers.

Got you. Thank you!


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