Cannot access wordpress admin. Global dns incorrect Help

Suddenly, cannot access one of our websites as the admin.

Hosted by Godaddy domain registered through Cloudflare.

Godaddy says the global DNS is not pointing to correct IP.
On Cloudflare the A name is pointing to the correct IP.


GoDaddy support doesn’t understand what a proxy is. Without knowing the error message, I suppose you can :grey: the record which will send you direct to the origin instead and determine what f it is accessible at all.

Thanks for your response. I’m new to this.

The site will not allow an admin login.
it reverts to the website home page.

A global DNS search by godaddy showed a different hosting IP than the one in the DNS A records of Cloudflare.

I just grayed the A record…but still the same issue…

Finally on a third phone call to Godaddy, an inexperienced young lady solved the issue…she did not even refer to global DNS problem…so all it takes is a qualified service representative from the Host.

Finally I am back in the admin.
Thanks for your support guys.

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