Cannot access website. Please help

No results for “This page isn’t working redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

You’re probably using Flexible SSL and your server is trying to redirect Cloudflare to use HTTPS. Flexible means Cloudflare is only going to try HTTP, so it will get an infinite redirect loop.

Without knowing which URL you’re having trouble with, this as much as I can tell you.

i have changed it to FULL.
What does FULL mean?
Does it mean any search result with; https and http?

Should i use FULL (strict)?

Please explain. Thanks.

Can i remove when i click on the green lock?

I had the same problem at start but using full SSL fixes the problem.

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Full (Strict) is best, but you need a valid SSL certificate on your server. Regular Full works for self-signed certificates.

As for removing, I don’t understand the question. Remove it from what?

Thanks. is an item registered in the green secure lock beside the url when i click it.

Is your domain? The SSL certificate looks good to me.

No. it may be the theme for my website. Does it matter if i remove it,any security concern?

If you’re not using the theme, you should remove it. What is your domain? Without knowing what it is, we have to do a lot of guessing to fix the problem.

THANKS for helping answering my queries.

Your theme uses several image files from Those are part of the theme’s default home page. As you customize your website, you won’t need those images any more.

Thanks for your reply.

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