Cannot access website of on Safari

When I access from Safari, it states:

This Connection Is Not Private

I suspect this is because “” is not listed under DNS Name of the SSL certificate. All I can see is “*”.

I don’t get that error on Safari. The certificate is good for Cloudflare DNS and the IP addresses. Do you get the same error from other browsers?


This is was I see from Safari

I don’t have any problem when using Chrome in the same account on the same computer.

That’s weird. It looks like what I’m getting. Are you using MacOS 10.13.5 and Safari 11.1.1?

Do you happen to have any certificates in Keychain Access (your Mac’s Keychain) for or anything with ‘Cloudflare’ in it?

I am using Safari 11.1.2 (13605.3.8) on macOS 10.13.6 (17G65).

I don’t have any certificates related to or Cloudflare in my Keychain.

It seems to be a problem with my “Avast trusted CA” certificate that came with my installation of “Avast Security for Mac”.

After I deleted this certificate from my keychain, it can now work properly.
Here is what the “” certificate looks like:

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