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My website is accessible outside our network but cannot access internally in our network. Can somebody help me how to troubleshoot why i cannot access it locally inside our network…

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If it is working outside your network, it is something you will need to troubleshoot locally and not really something that Cloudflare can help with.

It could be that if the website is hosted on the network, requests are being routed locally directly to the server and not going through Cloudflare. What issue are you having with it internally and is it resolving to Cloudflare or straight to your server IP?

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I already fixed it why i cannot access our website locally. Unfortunately, locally our website has ssl error saying unsafe , but outside our network it is using cf cert which is ssl. Can you provide me a support how can i fix ssl error locally using cloudflare cert?

The Origin Cloudflare cert is only for sites proxied by Cloudflare. If your local access bypasses Cloudflare, then you’ll need to install a publicly recognized cert, like one from Let’s Encrypt or Digicert.



My website is proxied to Cloudflare and it is ssl if i access it outside our network…
The situation is when i try to access it locally there is a ssl error showing. Can i use origin certificate to fix the ssl error locally by uploading sa origin cert to my origin server?

Sorry, I am new to this kind of setup but im willing to adopt. Can you explain it how to do this.

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In that case, it’s not proxied by Cloudflare.

The short answer is no, you cannot. Only Cloudflare will trust the origin certificate, web browsers and other clients will not.

Is there any need to access it locally? – If not, can you adjust your DNS configuration to let you access the site through Cloudflare like everyone else? This ensures you get the same experience (including certificates) as anyone else, which is usually beneficial.



thank you for the response, In my understanding in your reply it means i cannot used cf cert for local access in our network, right?

You cannot use Cloudflare’s origin certificate. But if you configure your network such that requests still pass through Cloudflare (rather than connecting locally) then you get the benefit of Cloudflare’s encryption just like everybody else on the internet.

Alternatively, you need a trusted certificate on your own web server.


thank you. what can you suggest a trusted certificate to install in my web server to be able to access my website locally in ssl with seeing cert error

You can get a certificate from any vendor offering/selling trusted certificates, but I’d start with:

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Thank you very much!

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one more clarification,

my domain accessible outside is cf ssl enabled cert.
my domain accessible locally is for example Let’s Encrypt ssl cert enabled…

Would be there an issue with this kind of setup?


Should be fine.


The previous answers are what I’d recommend too. You should use a publicly trusted certificate in this case. However, I’d like to point out a possible alternative, if your only accessing this site locally from computers you manage:

You could add Cloudflare Origin CA’s root certificates as a trusted root for those machines/computers, which would result in your site being trusted by your machines, but not by visitors outside your local network of managed computers.

However, do not attempt this if you are not 100% sure that you know what you are doing.

You can get the root certficates from


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