Cannot access website, error 521

I am trying to access my website which is an adult website but I get the 521 error when I try to access it.

This happened 5 hours ago and I have not been able to access the site. I tried to access the site through the IP given by the host and I was able to access but without https, insecure connection.

When I try to login to the backend of wordpress through wp-admin the IP gets redirected to the original domain which is ssl and the error comes up again, sometimes it alternates between 521 and 522 but in the last couple of hours the error has been 521.

I am guessing It could be something related to the ssl certificate but I am not sure. Also not sure how it happened from one second to another if I did not touch anything. Anyone experienced this issue before that can help me?


5xx errors are almost always caused at the server end. Web hosts usually won’t bother to troubleshoot this and blame Cloudflare.

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