Cannot access website-cloudflare issue

I use tor and also a vpn service for privacy. I have been hacked before and take privacy very seriously.
I was trying to access a website I have used for months on tor. I tries it with my VPN (nord) on and off. When it finally does allow me to solve the captcha it just repeats me having to solve the Captcha over and over again, never accessing the site. I never knew or had heard of cloudflare before today.
This is very frustrating. I did a bit of research. I checked as best I could to see if my ip was blacklisted- which doesn’t make too much sens I don’t think because I have a VPN. I also ran a virus check with no issuea reported. then I reset my computer to a prior date when this issue was not happening and still the same issue.
How do I figure this out as I have no idea what to do now.

perhaps the IP address used by VPN is blacklisted.

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