Cannot access website after updating new nameservers

Hi, I had a website that was previously running on cloudflare servers, the previous employee handling the IT no longer works with us, hence, we had to make a new cloudflare account and change the nameservers to new ones. I have made the right A records and AAAA records with the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses made my the domain provider and left everything else unchanged. The website is not currently accessible and I’m unsure why since I’ve made the necessary adjustments according to other forums. From the domain side everything seems to be fine. The error I was receiving was the error 522. Please assist me with this.

Hi @abeytunganishitha

Can you double-check on this? I can see right now that the NameServers for the domain are still pointing at the previous account and not to yours.

$ dig NS +short

Can you confirm that the previous employee doesn’t have access to your DNS provider so you are not changing NameServers over and over again?


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