Cannot access website. 522 code comes up

Does anyone know how to get to the website when a 522 code comes up? It says “connection timed out” and none of us are able to access it from any browser. Please help!!

Is this your site?

If not, then you’ll need to wait for the site owner to fix their site.

If yes, then it means Cloudflare can’t connect to your origin server. Make sure the A/AAAA/CNAME records set in the Cloudflare dashboard are correct, your server is up and running and is not blocking Cloudflare IP addresses.

You can pause Cloudflare, or set the DNS records to “DNS only” so requests go direct to your server, see what the problem is, fix it and then re-enable Cloudflare.

If still stuck you can give the site and show a screenshot of your DNS records and people can take a look.

Thank you. This is our site, but I don’t know how to check or fix those things. Is there any support at Cloudflare who can help with this?

If you are on a free plan, support is here. Cloudflare can’t debug issues on your server for you.

Start here…

Where do I find the DNS records? Under which tab?


Is this site newly added to Cloudflare? Or has it been added for some time and the error just started?

We paid for Cloudflare so I don’t believe it’s a free plan. We didn’t pay much, however.

It’s not new. We’ve had it for several years but no longer have a web designer.

I’m checking the link you sent. Is there something specific in the CNAME that I should look for? Here is a screenshot:

Are you able to see this?

Is that the only record you have? There should be A and maybe AAAA and CNAME records for your webite.

there are two that say A and both are proxied.

Show those, and what is the domain?

The server at isn’t responding (hence the Cloudflare error saying there is a timeout). You will need to contact whoever provides you with your web hosting or server.

Isn’t that cloudflare who provides it? I’m not sure how to know who is…

Do you know how to find out who our server is? That would be so helpful!

Cloudflare is a service that sits in front of your web host to provide protection, content delivery and other features to your site.

The IP address belongs to Digitial Ocean but they are a huge provider of services to smaller hosts.

You are likely paying someone to host your site so if you don’t know who it is look for bills or credit card charges.

Thank you. I believe it’s wordpress, but I cannot access our account.

I guess I’ll give it more time. Thank you for your help.

Show those, and what is the area?

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