Cannot Access RemoteApps on iOS Devices via Tunnel

Bit of a confusing issue, I have recently setup and configured zero trust access to one of our sites, with a cloudflared tunnel to the private network.

This all connects and works as expected, I can access internal network resources on a windows machine, correctly resolving internal domain and machine names (including via ping).

One of the servers provides RemoteApp for a majority of our applications. This works without any issue from my testing with my Windows machine using the WARP client.

However the issue comes when trying to do the same when using the Microsoft Remote Desktop client for iOS or iPadOS. I can connect successfully using the WARP client and it correctly resolves internal resources provided they are web based.

When trying to launch any RemoteApp all I receive is “unable to connect to the remote app as there is no network connectivity”

Any suggestions as to why this might be occurring on only Mobile devices (I haven’t tested Android yet) would be appreciated as I have now tried multiple different configurations to no success.

I have setup a fallback domain with wildcard and also specifically added the subdomain that the RemoteApp is being delivered from ( is the structure.

Hello , did you get it working ? I have access through Cloudflare access , good enough for me , I can have direct access without much trouble to remote machines with tailscale, but that works to use applications and stuff but with tailscale network resources are limited unless they are also connected to tailscale , so, kind of a mess really . I use AnyDesk sometimes to access remote machines but I hate their interface and slow connection .