Cannot access r2 Custom Domains file on iPhone

I don’t understand why the linkr2 Custom Domains file cannot be played on iPhone iOS, while computers and Android phones can play the file.

Here is the link I opened on my computer and it works normally

how to fix this error
If the URL is linked, it can also be played on the iPhone, but there is only an error with the Custom Domains link

How large is the video? For files over 512MB you may need to explicitly bypass cache in order for range requests to work correctly.

but why does it still work on computers and android phones, my file is larger than 500mb, I don’t know how to bypass cache, can you guide me?

Because these devices do not require range requests on videos like iOS (including Chrome iOS) and Safari do. Desktop/android clients manage fine without working range requests, while iOS fails if they are not working.

To fix you need to bypass cache.

To do that you need to create a Cache Rule matching the files.

  1. Go to
  2. Create rule criteria
  3. Set “Bypass cache”
  4. Click “Deploy”

The rule criteria can be anything. You can do the whole hostname for example:

Or just some paths:

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