Cannot Access Preview Builds for New Pages Deployment

The site works here:

But a preview/commit build doesn’t work:


This site can’t provide a secure uses an unsupported protocol.

I have other pages deployments that DO WORK:

What could possibly be the difference?

Do I simply have to wait for the certificate to update?

Would really appreciate some help here! @cloonan saw you answer some SSL related questions.

Seems arbitrary that my other pages deployments work and just this one project doesn’t.

The pages project is a docusauras app, if that helps!

I am getting a 526 error not the cipher mismatch. One of our #developers:workers @mvp may be able to shed light on this issue.


I’ve applied a manual fix to this project, and it should have a valid certificate now. Let us know if you still have issues with this or any other projects.


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