Cannot access Portainer instance via Cloudflare Tunnel getting 502 error


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if you’re trying to achieve to have it like to access Portainer GUI, which is a proxied :orange: hostname configured as a CNAME for the cloudflared tunnel?

May I ask if you’re using some reverse proxy like nginx proxy manager or traefik, or some other, to run Portainer?

Is Portainer GUI running on a local port 9000 as default or some different?

Despite the usage of the cloudflared tunnel, can you successfully access the Portainer GUI without it?

Is that hostname covered with an SSL or not and is it working over HTTP or HTTPS?

How does your cloudflared configuration file look like?

Just in case, despite it’s 502, regarding the Docker, may I ask if Cloudflare IPs are allowed?