Cannot access phpmyadmin on Debian/Drupal Enviroment

Hello, I have Debian8/Drupal8 and Full SSL Cert environment.The access page for phpmyadmin is just not appearing, no errors present like 502 or blank pages… The phpmyadmin is link correct and apache.conf has an “Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf” directive. The phpmyadmin was reconfigured a several times. Nothing helps so I guess it has something to do with my ssl configuration. Please help. I don’t find any usable tips in the web.

It could be that phpmyadmin is trying to access the database by using a domain that’s behind Cloudflare. If you can, set it to use the IP address instead.

where do I set up it? which file?

I should use Allow from X.X.X.X directive in phpmyadmin.conf? But it is not working.

I could be wrong. The hostname might be something you’d need the access page to be able to change.

Two things to try:

  1. Use your browser’s Dev Tools to watch the Console for errors. On Chrome, hit the F12 key.
  2. Check your server logs for any error messages.

You mentioned an Allow rule for an IP address. I’d avoid that for now since you’re going through Cloudflare and the inbound IP address may change.

thank you, it was a good tip, I found error 404 in DevToll on phpmyadmin directory. Do you have a quick tip to solve that?

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