Cannot access other ports using tonnel

I have configured vaultwarden in 2 docker container with different ports (80, 2052), but i cannot access 2052 using tunneling, also i checked through public ip address i can access it, cross verified with curl also

still im getting 502 bad gateway error

You have to specify the port in the tunnel config, and then you access it remotely via 80/443 etc

tried with 80 also same error

2024-06-01T13:53:10Z ERR error=“Unable to reach the origin service. The service may be down or it may not be responding to traffic from cloudflared: dial tcp: lookup vaultwarden on server misbehaving” connIndex=2 event=1 ingressRule=0 originService=http://xxxx:80

port and expose port are 8080 but still exposed in port 80 in cloudflare tunnel