Cannot access my website from my broadband network via https

I cannot access by website from my office broadband network however the website can be accessed from my phone network (cellular network). Without https the website can be accessed from both broadband and phone network.
Can somebody tell me what is the issue behind that?

my apoligies, the website address is

You should provide a screenshot/error code/error message for the issue so we can take a look.

It’s from the firefox screen shot

Maybe the issue has resolved itself? As of this message, that site is reachable (for me, at least) via https (using Opera).

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I don’t know how but the website can be accessed via https without any issue.
Thank you for looking into the matter.


I truly believe it was just a timing issue. I’ve had that happen before on several occasions when configuring settings on the dashboard. For me, the issues usually didn’t last longer than 30 minutes or so. When the problems go on for longer than several hours, that’s when I start to get concerned.

Glad your site is accessible again!