Cannot access my origin server over IPv6

I am having issues with clients connecting to my origin server over IPv6. I have ensured the following:

  1. I have allowed all Cloudflare addresses using the list and ensured it is updated to the latest version (both IPv4 and IPv6)

  2. I am hosting my own website on my own hardware with a 1gig symmetrical fiber connection. There are no load problems on my network.

I am seeing this issue only show up when clients connect via IPv6 and are in the San Jose area. My firewall is dropping connections on both IPv4 and IPv6, but it seems this issue shows up only on IPv6 clients. I have turned on Pseudo-IPv4 to try and alleviate this issue, but it still persists.

Does your server have a valid IPv6 address?

Yes it does, I am able to access it directly without using DNS.

I was able to figure this out. It was my Ubuntu server that did not have netplan configured properly. We are all good now.

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