Cannot access my domain list


So after I enabled my 2fa and changed my account name I can’t access the dashboard anymore.
When I log in I get an Authentication error, I disabled 2fa but still cannot access the dashboard.

Please any idea? I don’t have PRO so I don’t have access to tickets plus email I sent I got a response from the bot and he didn’t help me at all…

The funny thins Is I can enable/disable 2fa, I can log in here, etc but I cannot access my websites…

I have the same issue, I don’t have the ticket number.

I can provide more informations about my account.

I have changed my account name from pepepro200 to infectedw and now I have lost access to all my domains and whatever I do on the dashboard I don’t have access.

Could someone help me out?

I wanted to buy even PRO to get ticket support but now I can’t do that.

To contact the support team, please submit a new support request from your Cloudflare account directly through the Cloudflare dashboard. Visit and choose Account.

You will likely receive an autoresponse with information but can reply to reach Support.

Account tickets can be opened on all plan levels, including Free.

I submitted it, thanks.

Ticket ID: #2707471

Apologizing for this behavior.

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No need to apologize and thanks for using the community! We’ve responded to the ticket and will continue our support there.


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