Cannot access emails via Outlook client

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We signed up to Cloudfare in the weekend, but this morning we noticed that our emails weren’t coming through in our Outlook client. So we’ve had to revert to our previous nameserver settings etc. But how do we rectify? Cloudfare pulled through my DNS settings from my current host, so I’m not sure what went wrong or what needs to change. Picture below is cloudfare DNS settings

Does anyone know how to make it work?

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Picture below is of part of my cpanel DNS info

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email, so you’ll need to make some changes.

“mail” should be an “A” record IP address like the other entries. And set to :grey:
Your MX record should point to

That should fix it. But make sure your mail apps point to More info here:

Thanks Sdayman. I’ve updated to as you’ve suggested, and will test it out later on this evening.

I notice it popped up with an exclamation point next to the new A record saying it exposes the IP etc. Is that ok?

That’s normal. It happens when you host email on the same server as a Cloudflare-proxied website.

Works well. Thanks very much for your help.

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