Cannot access domain

A client purchased their domain through Google Domains.

Squarespace purchased this business from Google and the client received a notification that their domain would be migrated to Squarespace and that they would be notified when this happens.

About a week ago, the client’s site went down.

When they log into Google Domains, they can no longer see the domain (but they can see a recent bill for it).

Looking up DNS records, it shows Cloudflare as the Registrar.

They have no cloudflare account and have not received an email about this.

They are unable to access the domain to update the DNS records (which no longer point to the actual site).

I am trying to help them contact someone who can help. We submitted a ticket to cloudflare and Google 4 days ago and have not heard back from either.

Any ideas? help? Has this happened to anyone else?

What is the domain?

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If the domain was registered with Google, it has at some point been transferred to Cloudflare registrar.

The nameservers for the site were moved to Cloudflare on 2024-03-26 according to

This wouldn’t have happened by itself, someone did this and approved the transfer from Google/Squarespace. Check if your client had someone else who set this up for them. It happened around 15 days ago so if the website was working until a week ago, then it was working under Cloudflare before it went down.

The site itself currently has a “too many redirects” issue…


Thank you, and yes, I saw that.

I know that we didn’t do this, and the client says they didn’t.

My hope is that this was part of the Google Squarespace stuff, but I sort of doubt that.

I am trying to get in touch with somebody from Cloudflare who would be able to help us out, because we have no idea what account the domain is currently with.

I would doubt that too.

It will be difficult as you can’t prove ownership of the account or domain so Cloudflare can’t, for security reasons, give away any information. I think your best course of action is to find out from Google/Squarespace who/how the domain transfer was authorised at their end and work out what happened from there and whether it was done legitimately or not.

You can try going to and selecting “Forgot your email?” which will email the account holder for the domain, and see if that goes to anyone close to the business.


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