Cannot access domain remotely after changing from godaddy

Transfered nameservers from godaddy to Cloudflare with the view (to eventually) use Cloudflare tunnels.
But before I go down that route I wanted to make sure everything is still working.

I usually use my domain to access my internal services but it doesn’t now seem to be working since moving to Cloudflare.
If i use https : / / MyWANIP:6000 it works fine.
However if i use https : / / myDomainName:6000 is does not work.
If i ping the domain name it resolves to a Cloudflare IP.
I have created an A record in my DNS settings on Cloudflare to reflect my current WAN IP.

What am i missing?


If have the DNS entry proxied, it won’t work with port 6000, has it isn’t a support port from Cloudflare.

Check here the ports allowed for HTTP and HTTPS: Network ports · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the reponse, A record on DNS is not proxied and if i ping the domain name it does resolve to the correct WAN IP.

Issue is now resolved, haven’t changed anything, maybe I was being too hasty.

Try to use nslookup or another DNS provider and check the IPs that are being resolved.

If you still see the incorrect IP, try flushing cache at

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