Cannot access domain management

Hi! I need help with my domains, I can’t access the domain manage :frowning:

I tried to submit a ticket but no luck :frowning:

Hi @user27210 can you open an Account ticket with the Support team and ask the Support agent to escalate your ticket to Trust & Safety for assistance?

Once you have an account ticket, please share your ticket number here.

You can open a ticket here,

I can’t submit a ticket :frowning: no luck. impossible to submit a support ticket I tried all browsers (opera,firefox, chrome)

I’ll flag the topic here for my colleagues in Support. Sorry for the issues.

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Hi cloonan!

Any update? my domains will expire on feb and I need renew it. I tried to update the billing information but I only get this error:

Please help me! I will transfer my domain to another registrar to avoid this issue. please unlock my domains and send me the Auth code:

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Sorry for the delay, I’ll bring this up with the team in the next 24 hours.

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Hi there-

I will send you an email with a ticket number 3049697. Please keep an eye out for my email and we can communicate there to resolve this issue.


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