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We recently started doing the IT services for a company and on Godaddy, it says their DNS records are hosted here on Cloudflare. The previous IT company has no record of any account on here and neither does the company. How can we gain access to this account? We can provide any proof of domain ownership or account reset through any email account on that domain.

Thanks for the help!

It would be easier to just set up a new account here.

Even if their domain isn’t hosted here? Don’t we need to be able to see current DNS records to bring everything over to the new account?

Cloudflare is not a host. It uses a copy of the host’s DNS records in order to proxy website traffic. Put those DNS records in the new Cloudflare account and you can pretty much continue where they left off.

So, even though it says this, you’re saying the records aren’t hosted here?

Sorry, new to this so just trying to understand!

The Cloudflare account should be created using an email address for the client company, and not your own. They can grant you admin access to their account without risk of losing access to their DNS when the relationship with your ends. Imagine if every time you got some external company to do some work on Active Directory you had to blow the whole thing away and start from scratch!

(This is my own opinion, and I do not know if Cloudflare have published guidance on this or not.)

Agreed! It usually is through a client company address, they just have no record of it or anything and neither did the previous IT provider.

Was a bit of a mess definitely.

Ah, click that “Change” button to remove the custom name servers. That should restore the DNS records view.

And this shouldn’t break anything with their existing setup correct?

It would revert DNS back to GoDaddy and that site won’t be proxied by Cloudflare. But at least that will give you access to the DNS records. I suggest you find a way to export that list, or otherwise save them. And then you can add the domain to the new Cloudflare account by setting custom name servers to the new Cloudflare ones.

However, the purple message you posted makes it appear there’s a registration issue with the domain. You will have to clear this up with GoDaddy before proceeding.

Thanks for your help!

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