Cannot access dashboard

My website host (SiteGround) told me I need to change my DNS here at Cloudflare. I have logged into my account but see no dashboard. On my Cloudflare homepage it says I don’t have any websites. Kind of sure I do. Clueless! Thanks!

Update. Accessed my DNS records. I have 3 A records for my domain. I am able to change one to the new DNS but not the others. Is it necessary to change all three? I see the option of deleting some of these. Is that a good idea?

What you need to change really depends on your host, I would recommend grabbing a screenshot of the records and asking them as the details really depend on what exactly they have changed.

I wouldn’t recommend deleting anything unless you have a reason, if the records exist there is (or at least was) a reason, and therefore they might still be needed.

Thank you for the reply. The host (SiteGround) would not say anything definite about making changes on Cloudflare since it is not their site. Can anyone here give me a firm answer about making changes to the DNS A records for my domain? Thanks!

Unfortunately no, that isn’t how things work. Cloudflare doesn’t and can’t know what their servers need as it depends on their configuration.

They should be able to provide you with the needed records. What did they give to you?

Thank you. I have the new DNS supplied by SiteGround. I just want to be sure I am adding it correctly. On my Cloudflare page “Review your DNS records” I see three A records for my domain. I was able to change one (Content?) of the numbers to the new DNS. Should I ignore the other A records with my domain and different numbers? Thank you again, Andy

Never mind. Not using Cloudflare any more.

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