Cannot access cpanel after switching to Cloudflare

Have 3 domains on Cloudflare. All 3 have an A record configured for cpanel.{domain}.com. Only one allows me to go to the cpanel login port.

The working example:
I get a login prompt

A bad example:
it gets redirected somewhere. I’m not even sure what directory this is serving.

Cpanel worked before switching the DNS settings.

Please try cPanel IP address in browser address bar



192.168.XX:2083 for secure connection

You can find this IP easily at Cloudflare DNS. It will be one that is common for multiple records.

The good news is that looks like it’s working. And https is a better choice anyway. Let us know if it lets you log in.

p.s. That would be a better approach for the other domain as well: https on port 2083

I guess using port 2083 is an acceptable answer. It seems to work. I wasn’t aware there were two different ports for the cpanel login.

Just “acceptable”? I think it’s awesome! Awesomer. Well, just better since you’re submitting sensitive information and it really should be encrypted.

The 2083 was just a shot in the dark. It’s the https equivalent, so I was hoping it’d work.

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