Cannot access Cloudflare account for domain management

We recently took over a business and were told by the previous owner the domain was registered with a certain company, when in actuality it was registered with Cloudflare. The domain expired in Feb 2023 and in March we stopped receiving any emails sent to that domain. We received zero notification this was occurring. We do not know what email is associated with the Cloudflare account, and even if we did know what it was there is no way of resetting it because all emails stopped as of March.

The previous owner will not answer any of our many requests for assistance on what email account was used - basically all we have is the domain and the 10 email addresses that were used with it - all of which stopped receiving mail in March.

How do we get things back up and running, along with having all the previous data from March to current restored? We have all the supporting documentation that may be needed showing we are the new owners and it is vital this get back up running asap.

What is the name of the domain? Is it using Cloudflare registrar or just using Cloudflare nameservers?

This is a difficult situation as Cloudflare Support can only work with the person that can access the email associated with the domain. Best option if you cannot regain that access is to start over by adding the domain to the account you are using here and change the nameservers to the two assigned to this account.

You’ll need to recreate your email settings and figure out who is actually hosting the site as you’ll need a DNS A record pointing to the IP address of your host (origin) server.

If you do not know the email, it’s difficult to determine if emails were sent. But, let’s start with the domain name and go from there…

Hi Cloonan, thanks for replying. Do I post the domain name here on the chat for all to see or is it best to send it to you privately?

however you prefer, it’s ok to share it here but I can kick off a private message to share it there if you prefer

If you could start a private message that would be best - thanks.

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Done, you’ll see a note that looks a lot like these topics but has an :email: icon at the top of it

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