Cannot access business account to submit a ticket

Old IT left (I have access to email), account has 2FA setup, I do not have access to security key/backup codes/device previously used to login. I have an invoice ID and get a notification that our payment for $220 has gone through. How do I contact someone at Cloudflare?

Can you open a #general:billing ticket using the account you are using here and share the ticket number?


Thanks Cloonan, Still new to Cloudflare. From what I was reading “Free” accounts cannot submit tickets. I have submitted a ticket with this account.

Ticket: 2736915

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Hi Cloonan, not sure if my reply was in general or directed at you.

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Thank you, I have added myself to your ticket and linked it to our conversation here. You mentioned you have access to the other email account, are you able to reply to the ticket from that email and/or cc that email on your next reply to the ticket? And, are you able to share the name of the domain in question?

I have flagged your post here for my colleagues to review. If you know the email on the account used to register the domain you can use You can also use to send an email to that address. This is assuming you have access to that email.

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Hi there,

We are very sorry to read your difficulties.

We have replied in ticket 2736915, please follow up in ticket 2736915.

Thank you!


Thanks Kiki! Responding shortly

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Thanks again Cloonan!
I will CC that email in my response. I spammed the old support email bot from that email yesterday and ended up getting a response. (Ticket: 2736904). I will have that one closed so there is not two open.

There are 2 domains I am sure of; ironies and olystudio. Found out our DNS provider is Cloudflare when looking into setting up SPF/DKIM/DMARC.

Weird part is I logged in when I first started, changed the password, added to documentation and was going to come back to it to finish mapping everything (had a few server outtages/switch deaths/other fires to take care of). When I attempted to log back in I was hit with the 2FA requiring resources I don’t have.

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Replied to ticket #2736915.
The issue should be resolved now.

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