Cannot access ANY LOCAL WEBSITES without Cloudflare


  1. On the 6th of July 2022, I downloaded and installed Cloudflare’s third-party application for the first time on a newly bought laptop (Windows OS). I used the VPN and have not tried turning it off until today (12th of July 2022)

  2. Today (12th of July 2022) I tried turning off the VPN. The interface shows a turned-off VPN and the laptop is still connected to my local internet (Wi-Fi).

  3. However, when I tried to access (for example) YouTube, it said that I needed to be connected to the internet first. I am connected to the internet though, I only turned off the VPN. Only when I turned on the VPN again I can access (for example) YouTube

  4. The problem is that my country does not block YouTube or any family-friendly mainstream entertainment platforms.

  5. I had used Cloudflare’s VPN service on my old laptop and I have not encountered such problems. For example, if I turned off the VPN and go to YouTube, I should be trying to access my country’s YouTube, not the VPN’s base country’s YouTube (for this case, YouTube Singapore)

  6. However, in this case, it is still trying to reach YouTube Singapore after turning off the VPN and I do not want to continuously base my IP in Singapore since I needed to open websites that are based in my country

  7. I have tried giving feedback to the support and still waiting for a response (well, hopefully, they will respond). I also tried to contact the service center where I bought this laptop and we are currently scheduling an appointment. I would still want to know if the community had encountered such problems and ways to tackle them.

Additional information: I tried to turn off the VPN → turn off the internet → restart the laptop. Nothing changed. I have not tried to reset the laptop’s network settings or uninstalling the application due to not want to worsen the problem.

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