Cannot access a website

Still cannot access from my windows computer. Android is OK but Windows is not. I’ve asked Cloudfare on Facebook and on here and reported it to the owner of the website, but so far nothing. Just nothing. Very disappointing. I’ve gotten much better service from Microsoft or Amazon Web. Here, a big zero.

You should ask them then; but I suspect it’s something specific to your windows machine or your browser. I just accessed from chrome on windows without an issue. (Same for android & ios)

When you see this

You continue to see that even after your click the box to verify?

Yes, after I click Verify the whole thing repeats. Sorry if I come off testy. Both Cloudflare and JMG seem to just ignore me. Sure, I’m not important and it’s possible this is all due to something on my machine. But my computer runs just fine in every other way (Win10 fully updated).

What browser are you using? I need to check the windows version on the machine I tested not certain at the moment. You may want to scan that machine that fails for malware and I will keep digging to reproduce the error.

My Chrome version is 110.0.5481.104 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows version 21H2
OS Build: 19044.2604
My computer is scanned for malware every day.

Can you possibly also share a full list of installed extensions, and their versions?


Does this help?

Ray ID: 79e106a0afffc330
Performance & security by Cloudflare

Whatever the app does to test the safety of the connection, what happens is that it runs the test, decides it is safe and…restarts the process. Sometimes, after several restarts it asks me if I’m human. I click on the button and…back to the beginning again.

Can you disable the two ad blockers and try? You may want to try one at a time. In reality the fast route to troubleshoot is to disable all of them, see if it has an effect. If so, then re-enable one at a time to narrow down to the one (or more) introducing the issue.

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WOW!!! It was Ad Blocker Ultimate. I turned it off for JMG and now everything is just fine!!!





Thank you for letting us know! Fantastic.

Yes, I’m quite happy. THANK YOU!!!

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