Cannot access a website from my own IP adress

I’m trying to access [this website]( which is ‘protected’ by Cloudflare. I generally don’t like such agressive anti-ddos services, but now i just straight up cannot access the site. It doesn’t run the usual circle for checking the connection, it doesn’t give me a capcha. I am trying to access it from a Ukrainian IP adress, i’m using firefox with cookie blocking and ublock origin. The issue is fixed by enabling a VPN, please advise me on how to fix this.

Some common reasons a Cloudflare-protected website may block or challenge a site visitor:

  • The visitor’s IP address demonstrated previous suspicious activity online. Review your client IP address for malicious activity at Project Honeypot If no suspicious activity is observed from the visitor’s IP address after a two-week period, Cloudflare stops challenging the IP address.

  • The website owner has created a Firewall Rule to block specific request: Cloudflare Firewall Rules · Cloudflare Firewall Rules docs

You can find more information here on Cloudflare Captchas and Challenge Passage: Cloudflare challenges · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

If you are being blocked or challenged, you will want to get in touch with the website owner for details on the specific reason. Cloudflare does not have control over these security settings since they’re managed by the website owner.