Canno add 'A' record with '@'

Hey guys, Cloudflare is not allowing me to add a “A” record with “@”, and my site is not comming live for this reason as Godaddy has said! Whenever I try to add the record with “@” it says "A record with the same settings already exists. "
Please help.

Domain is savvyadvertisinggroup dot com

Well, the error message says it all, you already have such a record and need to delete that first.

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But 1st one is pointing the domain to hosting ip
Does that work if I delete it and only add a single “A” record with “@” ?

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS page?

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All right, and what record are you trying to add?

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The second entry in your screenshot is the @ entry.

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As godaddy says that I need to add a "A’ record with “@” pointed to the hosting IP.
Other wise site wont come live

Precisely, and you already have such a record.

The reason why your site is not online is not a missing record, but your webserver is not properly configured. Or you have the wrong IP address.

Best you pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right) and contact your host.

You also have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare and need to fix that too. Set it to Full Strict.


If the IP in the second entry is the hosting IP, you have done that already. If it is the wrong IP, edit that entry using the correct IP.

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OKAY, Thanks man! :slight_smile:

The IP address seems to be correct, so it will be an issue with your host.

  1. Change the encryption mode to Full Strict
  2. Pause Cloudflare
  3. Contact your host
  4. Make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS
  5. Unpause Cloudflare

okay, Thanks

I did the same and my site is perfect when Cloudflare is paused. And also HTTPS is not working

Well, you have checked point 1 and 2. What’s next on the list?

They are just useless :((( Stuck on something and repeating the same to add a “A” record with ‘@’
And now they are saying me that your site is live and working properly with godaddy nameservers.

#rd point: no, site is not loading with https, giving warning
4th: Didn’t unpause Cloudflare yet

Well, your site is not loading on HTTPS, so that’s definitely something your host needs to fix.

See [Here] When Cloudflare is unpaused it is not pointing to my hosting IP, and this what godaddy is saying me again and again that Cloudflare is not pointing to hosting ip

Not being able to post the link.
You can also check where it is now pointed, 2 different IPs which are not my hosting IP

Sure, because in that case you are using the proxies. But that’s not the issue and that’s how Cloudflare works. Your site should still work and that’s what you need to discuss with your host.

Again, pause Cloudflare.

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