Canceling Account

Can you delete/deactivate my account please because I’m saving money now & cloudflare is confusing to use.

You have to do this yourself. Point your domain to your own nameservers and remove the domain from your Cloudflare control panel and you are good to go.

Generally, I’d also recommend to use the search.

I don’t know where to find the domain

What do you mean?

I try to do it on my own and I still don’t know how I found the instructions but it’s still confusing

Which instructions? What domain are we talking about in the first place?

Not going to ask a third time.

So the question is actually not about any domain at all, but solely about the Cloudflare account itself?

Yes, and please be nice & calm because I’m just confused

What are you confused about? It is actually pretty straightforward and all explained on the site you found.

Cancel your Cloudflare account

After following the prerequisites above, contact Cloudflare Support to request the cancellation of your account. Your account is canceled once the support team provides confirmation.

Well I’m contacting you for request canceling my account SOLELY ok?!

You can contact me all you want, I wont cancel your account :wink: You do realise you are on the community forum here, dont you?

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I thought you’re supposed to be friendly when all I’m trying to do is ask for help

First of all, I am friendly. Second, I am not supposed to be anything. Third, I would suggest you check out the logo of the page here as well as the hostname (that might also explain a bit).

Again, it is all explained in the very page you found, plus I even quoted the section. You also didnt clarify what you are confused about, so it is all a bit difficult :wink:

Ok for the domain thing, I didn’t add any website. What I’m specifically/solely asking here is the location to delete my account. I read the rules but couldn’t find the location.

Alright but where can I contact support?

Ehm, even that link is provided in the referenced and quoted part. Seriously, do you actually read the responses?