Canceled requests to the backend

Requests to the backend of my app are being canceled when I open the app from a subdomain but it works when it’s opened from its public IP instead. This started to happen yesterday since I purged all the cache.

What is the domain/subdomain?

The subdomain is:, the public ip address is

I found a timeout config set to 6000 in my react app that was causing the cancelation so I get rid of it now and seem to fix the issue but the requests now take a long time, so I activated the developer mode and it fixed the issue, but if I deactivate it back I guess it will again slow down the app.

Actually even with activated Dev Mod requests to the backend are still slow compared if I access the app from the public ip

I’m not a web developer so I’m just poking…

Going direct to your origin, on first load client.min.js is taking a long time. Subsequent loads are fast. Clear the browser cache, and load again, client.min.js is slow.

I tried to clear the cache and activate the Dev Mode from cloudflare but the problem is that the backend requests (from the subdomain) are slow while at the same time from the IP are normal.

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