Cancel your pro version subscription and request a refund!

I accidentally upgraded my subscription to the Pro version. I don’t actually need this feature. However, I paid successfully without receiving confirmation during the upgrade process. How do I cancel my subscription and get a refund now?
My ticket number is 3102988.

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@dcc1210043347 you should cancel the subscription immediately by switching back to the free version for that website. Let the support team know on the ticket once you have canceled that.

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I immediately canceled the subscription, but I still received a charge notification from PayPal. Now I want to switch from the pro version to the free version. I clicked several times to switch, but it is still the pro version.

In the console page of the dashboard, the effective subscription for my domain name is still Pro, and I have canceled the annual paid subscription on the billing page. What do I need to do now to switch back to the Free version and get a refund?

The response to the ticket is that they will not give me a refund. The experience with Cloudflare is too bad. If I cancel my Cloudflare account now and never use Cloudflare again, will I receive a refund?

The agent explained that on the ticket, What occurs when you downgrade your plan, are you receive the current features of your previous plan through your next billing due date at which time your plan will then downgrade to the lower-level plan.

The delayed downgrade will happen as explained on the ticket and above.

Sorry, no. As the agent mentioned on the ticket, Please understand that according to section 4.3 of our terms and conditions, we do not offer refunds unless there was a fault in service: Self-Serve Subscription Agreement.

When you purchase the paid plan, you accept our purchase obligation as mentioned here: Billing Policy. Cloudflare Billing Policy · Cloudflare Support docs

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