Cancel My cloudflare account

Can someone guide me cancel my account please

Hi, if you contact support AT cloudflare DOT com and ask them to remove your account, they’ll ask you to confirm a bunch of questions and then will do the needful. If you want your Community account removed, let us know here and we’ll remove it. You won’t be able to create a new account with the same ip or email once it is removed.

As part of the process to close & remove your account @imranahamdi, you will need to cancel any subscriptions that you may have associated with the account. Support cannot cancel subscriptions for users and cannot remove an account if there are active subscriptions.

Thank you for the info . I have tried to cancel but did not work apparently. How do I cancel? please send me steps to cancel



{pii redacted}

I need to discontinue my payments and close my account as I am unable to use this service at all.

Thank you

Hi @imranahamdi, this is a community of users, we can’t assist you with this. I can remove your Community account to this site once you’re ready. But for now, to remove your Cloudflare account, you need to follow the directions from Nov 08 ‪11:47 am on ticket 1780313.

As indicated by Support, we’re very sorry but we are not able to make changes to your account. We can only explain to you how to make the changes yourself. This policy protects you from any accidental or inadvertent changes being made to your account and websites by Cloudflare.

Please follow the steps mentioned in this article to cancel your subscription and payment details from Cloudflare:
Canceling Cloudflare subscriptions

You can cancel it from the Overview page by clicking on the Change button under Active subscriptions.

Support asked that you tell them once you have done so and they can cancel the account for you.