Cancel/Delete Added Site

I created a cloudfare login and confirmed. Then I added a TLD site to apply for a free ssl and when I select the setup button the confirm plan button remains greyed out. I need to delete that TLD I submitted to cloudfare because it is the same TLD I want to apply for a free ssl from my website hosting provider.

The website hosting provider instructs us to create a cloudfare account with a login and password of their choosing presumably to identify the hosting service to cloudfare who is provisioning the free ssl. That would be a different login than I used when creating my own account with cloudfare.

The presumed conflict being I have already submitted a TLD to cloudfare as I noted above and nothing further is happening as the confim plan button remains greyed out however when I use the account I could create per the instruction of the website hosting provider I want to use the same TLD as I have already submitted to cloudfare when I created my own account.

Clear as mud? LOL

Do I wait for Cloudflare to do something with the TLD I have already submitted and then have the ability to delete that TLD with that specific account?

Do I proceed to create the new account per the instruction of the website hot provider and then use the same TLD which will not be in conflict even though the TLD itself with no further configuration has been provided to Cloudflare?

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