Cancel an incoming domain transfer

Is it possible to deny an incoming domain transfer (to Cloudflare) from the interface here at Cloudflare?

The domain has been authorized (confirmed) for transfer and is currently in pendingTransfer status.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I was able to cancel one I hadn’t authorized (didn’t have the code). Somewhere in that Transfers screen, that stalled transfer had a Cancel button.

But I suggest you contact Support before those five days are up and the transfer automatically completes:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


Also consider contacting the old registrar, you can decline a transfer within the 5 day window through the old registrar as well.


Usually you do get an e-mail from the old registrar (to the administrative contact of the domain?) about the pending transfer with a link to do the cancellation (and instruction to “don’t do anything if you want us to release it in 5 days”). All you need is to click it and follow the instructions, there’s usually no need to open a support case or call them.

Even if you didn’t get the e-mail, in your control panel in the old registrar, there’s a good chance you’ll see the pending transfer with a button to immediately approve OR decline it. I won’t say I had domains at many registrars, but at 4 out of 4, my experience has been the same.

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