Cancal Pro plan and refund

Bellow message same send support team on 28 May 2024. even I am pro plan subscriber but cloudflare support team not give me replay. today 31 may 2024.

I have purchased yearly $240 Pro plan by mistack. this domain not longer use so I want cancel current pro plan subscription. but issue is I have paid year plan so how to cancel and rest month amount refund. because this this I shutdown in next month.

My ticket number is 3277079

not any 1 replay on my support ticket. I have pro plan and submit ticket 8 day ago and still not replay.

My ticket number is 3277079

Billing questions need to be resolved by the Customer Support team on your ticket 3277079

I have already rise this issue in support team but team not replay till date. I have ticket generate 10 day ago but till date no any replay.

I am not understand how to solve my issue without any replay and support. even I have pro plan treat like this so I am very disappoint with cloudflare.