Can you use Cloudflare load balancer with workers?

Hi all,

I’ve been scratching my head for a while on this, can you use workers with Cloudflare load balancer ? I’m not looking to take away or do a custom made load balancer with workers mostly because I’m pretty sure CF’s load balancers are probably better than any crafted solution I could do unless I can improve proximity without making it a hardcoded mess.

What I’m hoping to accomplish with workers is optimizing responses through caching so I’m hoping I’m not “taking away” CF’s load balancer ability to do its work.

There shouldn’t be an issue with that. You /can/ build a LB in Cloudflare workers, but as you mentioned it’s a little fragile to do that vs. using a worker to do X and relying on the Cloudflare LB to handle the origin connections using it’s logic.

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