Can you tell me where a site is hosted?


I have started a new job, and am required to update the website of the business. No previous details have been provided to me in regards to the website. I used the online tool “WhoIsHostingThis?” to see where the website is being hosted. I received the following message:

"This website masks their IP address using Cloudflare, a popular CDN. That means we don’t know the exact host. If you need to find the host for DMCA, you can contact Cloudflare and they will provide you with the host’s contact information."

Is a member of staff able to provide this to me, or anyone else able to point me in the right direction?


Hi @james25, congratulations on the new job. This is a community of cloudflare users, nobody can see your account to tell you about the origin server. I suspect your accounting records will show what hosting service is being paid. They may also have details for the domain registrar and any design services associated with the site. Sorry to have to point you a different direction & good luck.


If your website is using Cloudflare, then someone should have access to the Cloudflare account. But since they want “the new guy” to figure this all out…get ready for a bumpy ride.


A free penetration test :smile:


Ask the accountant. They seem to know everything :slight_smile:

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