Can you suggest next logical steps to use to increase speed?

Wordpress godaddy shared hosting. Running through Cloudflare free subscription. Working with different caching tools to see what works. Minify tools in these always speed page but break different aspects of the site, and gtmetrix continues to show minify errors regardless. Working with image optimization (piio) but, so far, these have inflated the page size.

Site only gets a few hundred paid visitors a day. Do you have a suggestions for a road map of things to do to make pages load more quickly?

you need to understand unless you enable “cache everything” there is not so much they can do to make your site faster because your server is taking around 3-2 second just to return the html(in my case), you need to fix that first.

after that you will need to combine all your css and js files

you can shave off around 3-5 seconds of your loading time by just doing that

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Please note this is what I tend to do everyones setups vary

  1. Never use a Shared Host (they are designed to offer all around for every customer)(Restrictive)
  2. Build the website
  3. Use tools like optipng and jpegoptim to search and optimise images (no point bloating the websites code base)
  4. Disable WP-Cron replace it with a real crontab (Sometimes suprising how much difference this makes)
  5. Make sure you are using only the best plugins for the task you want Chrome Developer tools are showing me 2 errors and 31 warnings on your home page each of these slows your site down how much depends on the error.
  6. Use Redis for a session store and object cache
  7. Use a performance plugin (i personally use WP-Rocket (Cloudflare module built in to it)
  8. Extend WP-Rocket with Rocket-Nginx (Depends on Nginx and WP-Rocket)
  9. Tweak your Cloudflare settings to milk that last bit out
  10. Consider upgrading to a paid tier.

At all times you must test thoroughly between each step especially on any pages that are javascript heavy taking advice from tools like Chrome Dev Tools and GTMetrix.

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I very much appreciate your suggestions. As #4 was so easy to do, I implemented right away. It does seem to be helping!

I am studying the other tools that you suggest. I already had some of wp-rocket implemented, but I need to give it more study.

It seems that upgrading to dedicated server would bring the most immediate and dramatic results. Even though all the other things should be done as well, this would bring about the greatest improvement, am I right?

Do you have any suggestions for hosting company that has a good price to benefit ratio for a dedicated server?

Thanks again!


Thank you boynet2! Are you aware of a particularly good hosting company that could offer me an excellent service at a good cost?

Sorry for the delay I have just spent sometime in CF Community Jail.

I wouldn’t say go for a dedicated server straight away your best bet would be a vps provider.

I personally use Vultr but other providers like digital ocean, rackspace etc are all strong contenders.

If you are making the jump from shared hosting to the next level up which is VPS I recommend you separate your database server from your actual web server.

I recommend SSD storage and if you can find a provider that uses new CPU’s. Most providers will have a page on their site about their infrastructure.

If you look at you will see providers that are linking their systems directly into Cloudflares to offer you a faster origin response which doesn’t hurt.

I know Vultr doesn’t charge you for any bandwith to the Cloudflare network.

Send me your affiliate link with vultr. I am going with them. Might as well get you recompensed. You interested at all in managing the transfer host to host? If so, I have answered your email and we can talk about that.

Cloudflare won’t allow me to without blocking my access again Ive dropped it to your email and I can help you through the transition no problem.

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