Can you refresh the initial import of DNS records after removing the domain

Hi all,
I added a domain to Cloudflare but I had to remove it to troubleshoot some DNS issues.
I deleted it from the control panel.

After I resolved the DNS issues, I re-added the same domain to Cloudflare. It is not picking up the DNS entries like it did the first time I added the domain.
Is there a way to refresh this so it brings in the records automatically?
Or do the records have to be added manually?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Almost all DNS providers support export / import of DNS records. Cloudflare has an import function under ‘advanced’ in the DNS interface to pull in you full list (or use the API / terraform if you are a super nerd).

Thanks alot, I didn’t realize there was an import function. I’ll give it a try. Thanks again!

Using the import function worked like a charm!
However it looks like it brought in the current nameserver records, can I remove these entries after changing the nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers?

Yes, you can update/delete/add DNS records at any time.

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