Can you reduce the registration period of a domain?

I have a com domain that expires in 2031. Due to the 10-year registration limit, I can’t transfer the domain to a new registrar. Is it possible to reduce the registration period of that domain by, say, 5 years? Can CloudFlare do that for me? Can it be done in principle at all? Thanks!

I have only done this once, but the limit does not stop a transfer. It just means you will pay for a year during the transfer that you will not actually get.

Are you seeing an error when you try to transfer?

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Seriously? I can’t test transferring it to a new registrar right now because the domain has been transferred within the past 60 days. But according to the support of Namecheap, a domain can’t be transferred unless it has 9 years or less until expiration, so I assumed that all registrars have a similar requirement.

P.S. Either way, I’m still interested in trimming a few years off of the registration period.

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